Snap Pea Spectacular

This past weekend Woodleaf Studios hosted Snap Pea Underground's January pop-up dinner. It was definitely a fun and unique experience we will always remember. To see the workshop transform into a large dining room was surreal! The atmosphere was cozy yet industrial with intimate low lighting in the shop. As people arrived they had the opportunity to admire the pieces in the showroom.  All of us here at Woodleaf would like to thank Jacob and his Snap Pea crew for doing such an amazing job. Each dish of the 9 course dinner was inspired by furniture Woodleaf has made over the years. It was clear that Jacob put a lot of thought and love into each plate he set out in front of the guests. The pop-up dinner was a three night event feeding around 56 guests each night. It was a great opportunity to meet  people from the entire Triangle area. We loved every minute of it. We are passionate about what we do here at Woodleaf, and it married so well with Jacob's passion for what he does with his cuisine and how he presents it. Sharing ideas brings so much inspiration into ones life, and Snap Pea now holds a special place in Woodleaf Studios' heart.