The Making of a Dream Humidor

Last year Matthew had the opportunity, for the first time, to design and fabricate a large built-in humidor for a client. Below are some detail shots of the project. Take notice of the rubber gasket used to properly seal the cabinet. The humidifying equipment sits within a stainless steel overflow tray/tub to capture any short term leak or accidental spill when adding water, etc. See the "The Wine and Cigar Aficionado Office" in exhibit grade built-ins for the finished photo. humidor detail 1humidor detail 2


History of Woodleaf - A Glimpse

In 1987 we started up The Woodleaf Co., now known as Woodleaf Studios in Raleigh, North Carolina. That happens to be the same year our first child was born so it is easy to keep the dates straight. We have been in business for 21 years! Matthew meets with the clients and creates the designs. I handle the administrative and bookkeeping duties and manage our new web site. We have two skilled craftsman, Randy and Robbie, that build the furniture and cabinetry. See a few snapshots below. Thanks for visiting.


Cynthia and Matthew's Family

Randy sanding a panel to smooth perfection

Robbie checking a measurement


Welcome to Woodleaf' Studio's blog. This is where  you can see what exciting new projects Woodleaf Studios is working on and learn a little about us and our history. Matthew is in the design phase of several pieces of exhibit grade furniture and built ins. One of his current clients has asked him to design a breakfast table and a kitchen island in the Biedermeier style. Biedermeier is characterized by clean and simple lines. It is both beautiful and functional. Often geometric shapes are incorporated in the design. Below is a Bieidermeier piece made by Woodleaf  Studios on display at a trade show.

Woodleaf Studios Biedermeier piece at a trade show

Thanks for visiting.