Floating Dreams

This bed was designed and built for a couple that wanted a platform style bed with a clean and simple look that also provided storage underneath. They also specified Walnut. Woodleaf Studios suggested night stands to complete the ensemble and came up with the intriguing floating placement of the night stands.

The headboard is made of vertically grained solid walnut planks that are scalloped with a parabolic shape using a table saw. Then the scalloped edges were hand carved to create the tooled look.

The night stands have a waterfall wrap of walnut plywood with a solid walnut front edge. They are dowel located and bolted to the headboard. There is also a concealed metal strap under the front edge of the platform to provide stability.

There are four large drawers underneath the bed for ample storage.

The finishing consists of an NGR colonial maple base with a special walnut wiping stain topped with a catalyzed lacquer.

The bed comes apart into several pieces for ease of transport and installation.

Hopefully, the new bed will provide a plethora of “floating dreams”.